Your Questions About Caribbean Vacations

David asks…

Caribbean vacations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the cheepest but still nice caribbean island vacation

Tim answers:
One of the cheApest Caribbean islands is Dominican Republic and that is because of the exchange rate. Another one is Jamaica and Trinidad because you can get more for your dollar. Trinidad is 6 to $US.

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Your Questions About Carnival Fantasy

Lisa asks…

Jamaica in April?
I would like to visit Jamaica this April. However, I have been getting mixed reviews. I would like to know if Jamaica’s carnival is worth the trip, how dangerous it is, how is the nightlife, and if there are any other tips I should know? How bad is the gang violence there? Also I have been to St. Martin’s, Anguilla’s, and many West Indian carnivals in the US, is Jamaica’s anything like theirs? Oh by the way I am not planning to be in some man made

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