50-Rep “Rhythm” Squats – It’s a little-known exercise we typically bust out approximately 21 days just before one of our athlete’s would be getting tested in the vertical.

Dunk A Basketball

You would generally start your training with this exercise and you will then only perform one all-out work set following a good warm-up. Try and go as heavy as is possible for your one set. A very good goal is 90 – 100% of what ones maximum full squat is usually. Basically, you’ll perform 50 quarter-squats as quick as possible. Due the initial 10 repetitions exploding on to your toes, after that on reps 11-20 continue to keep your heels down on the way up, then, explode onto your toes again while performing reps 21-30, keep your heels down for reps 31-40 after which you can finish the final 10 repetitions by exploding onto your toes again. It helps to have somebody count aloud so that you can perform all fifty repetitions as quickly as possible without breaking momentum. This can be a fantastic workout for players that have a poor elastic component.
Dumbell Swings – It may be suggested that this is really one of the “old school” routines – one in particular you don’t find applied very often any more. To start this exercise, first of all grasp a single dumbbell with each hand (don’t utilize one that could be too big). Place your feet just like you were actually doing a squat, while allowing the dumbbell to hang in front of you. While facing forward, squat lower and permit the dumbbell to drop between your legs. Always keep your back curved when you go down and keep looking directly forward. Once you’ve hit the full squat point, instantly explode upwards. Simultaneously, as you are keeping your arms straight, stretch with the shoulders and lift the dumbbell above your head. This specific workout “kills two birds with one stone” simply because it is working both hip extension and your front deltoid muscle group using a synced, explosive method. And precisely why would we want to use this? Because Precisely what happens when you execute a vertical leap. As a variation, you may also complete this specific exercise using a box below each foot. It will help you achieve an increased range of movement.
Bulgarian Split Squats – This is effectively a single leg squat, with the non-working leg elevated on a bench in back of you. Do this activity by holding a dumbell in each hand, go down till the time your rear knee hits the ground then burst back upwards to the beginning location. This workout is going to smash the glutes and VMO (the quads muscle group on the medial side your knee) on the leading leg, whilst stretching out the hip flexor on the back leg. Keep in mind precisely what we said concerning the value of supple hip flexors with respect to ones jumping capability? Well, this particular activity is undoubtedly a must because of the fact it promotes strength In addition to overall flexibility in the particular muscle groups utilised as part of jumping. Additionally, because it is a unilateral motion, it will help to adjust muscular differences that might exist in the athlete’s legs.